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1. Digital safety for families

Website: Protect Young Eyes
































For Parents

This website has the following resources:

  • List of apps (Social Media, Gaming, Photo, and Video Apps) used by kids today.

For each app, there is info for parental controls and things to watch for. 

  • List of parental controls for every digital device.

Read the parent guide to set up the parental control for each device you have at home. 

  • List of other resources:

    • Bark monitoring software

      • ​An all-in-one online safety solution (monitor >30 social media apps, text messages, and emails).

      • Parents get alerts when concerning content is identified.

    • CleanBrowsing

    • Gryphon Router

    • Gabb Wireless

      • Kid-safe smartphone (no games, social media, or internet)

    • PROTECT app

      • Quick tips and bite-sized lessons for parents on Internet Safety and optional faith application using 3 Bible translations 

      • Available in App Store and Google Play

    • Youtube channel

    • Recommended books for parents about digital tips for families. 

For Children (Grades K-8) 

PROTECT app has videos about digital safety to watch with your kids

Cost: $3.99/month (monthly subscription to Premium Plan)

2. Pornography Issue
Website: Defend Young Mind

For Parents

This website has the following resources:

  • Online dangers to discuss with your kids

  • How to set Internet Safety Rules for children and teens

  • Steps you can take to protect your children online

  • How to teach your kids to use their smartphones responsibly

  • Cyberbullying, online gaming, and so on.

For Parents

  • Prepare & Prevent: Teaching kids to reject porn before it becomes a problem.

(A step-by-step guide to answer “How do I talk to kids about pornography?”)

  • Help & Heal: Helping kids to recover from pornography exposure.

(A SMART plan for parents to answer “My kid saw porn—now what?”) 

For Children

Recommended books to read with your children to explain what pornography is, why it’s dangerous, and how to reject it:

  • Good Pictures Bad Pictures Jr. (Ages 3-6)

  • Good Pictures Bad Pictures (Ages 7-12)

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