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Bible Comes to Life "CREATION" (Book 1)

Bible Comes to Life "CREATION" (Book 1)


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The Bible Comes to Life book series is a resource to equip your children to defend their Christian faith in logical and scientific ways. It presents a biblical worldview in contrast to non-biblical worldviews. In every chapter, your whole family will experience how biblical principles can come to life in engaging, creative ways through science experiments, arts and crafts, and catchy visuals.

"Creation" is the first installment of the Bible Comes to Life book series. In this book, we explain and defend the integrity of the book of Genesis using scientific and historical evidence. We will explore together:

  • How did our world begin?
  • Was the Big Bang Theory true? Did the universe really just explode out of nowhere?
  • Did we evolve from the same ancestors as chimps?
  • Where does the grand story of dinosaurs fit in the Bible?
  • Why did God make humans?
  • Did God create male and female only, and nothing in between?


Biblical truths and principles are presented in simple lessons for elementary and middle school-aged children. At the end of these lessons, your kids will understand that the Bible stands true against all other cultural lies. 


Join us in this journey and experience how real and magnificent our Creator is in these life-changing lessons!


“The training of children in the essential doctrines of the Christian faith is essential for the Church to continue from generation to generation. In order for this training to be effective, it needs to incorporate several key ingredients: exposure to what the Bible says, a clear connection between that and the real world, realistic ways for children to understand complex concepts and suggestions for parents to reinforce the ideas at home with their children. The Bible Comes to Life, Book 1 on Creation incorporates all of these in a quality book that children will enjoy as they discover things about themselves and the world around them. It is an attractive resource for teachers and parents to make the biblical teaching exciting to learn.”

Lanny Hubbard

Professor of Theology, Portland Bible College


    Book size: 7.5 x 9.5 inches

    162 pages



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