Hello, beautiful ladies!

Welcome to this sacred little corner of the internet.

Whether you are a spiritual mother of many souls,

A modern-day Sarah waiting for a ‘hundred-year promise’ to hold a baby in your arms,

A single fighter who works two jobs to make ends meet,

A stay-at-home warrior, buried under loads of laundry,

A multi tasker mom juggling your kids’ Zoom meetings and your own,

Whether you’re a future mama, an empty nester, or


My beloved friends, this page is written especially for you.

The truth is, God sees our hearts, He hears our deepest cries, and He LONGS to speak to us daily.

Consider this your invitation. An invitation to pull up a (virtual) chair, hug a cup of coffee in your hands, and tune into FRESH encouragement from our Heavenly Father. With a million different noises we hear all day, we pray that God's voice and promises can be LOUDER than everything else that is in this world.